Expedition of Commercial and Industrial Licenses and Registries


The General Direction of Domestic Trade office’s or a Province Direction office from the Ministry of Commerce and Industries shall grant the content of the following laws, according to the case, to preserve the fulfillment of the articles contained on the Law # 25 of the 26th of August of 1994, and the Executive Decree #35 of the 24th of May of l996, which content is the commerce and the industries operation in Panama.

It is important to emphasize that the Registry will do the times of a Commercial and Industrial License, according to the circumstances.


Who can perform a commercial act and exceptions?
Any natural person or entities who decide to operate a commercial or industrial activity as long as it has obtained its license or registry within the national territory in a continuous way.

NATURAL PERSON: They are physical persons who act on their behalf to operate a commercial and/or industrial activity and have a personal identification document.

ENTITIES: They are fictitious beings structured to operate a commercial and/or industrial activity, represented by natural persons, able to exercise rights and to fulfill obligations. They are identified with numbers of Book, Volume and Folio; and/or Microjacket, Roll and Image; or Roll and Document. Example: Corporations, Foundations.

Article 2 of Law 25, August 26th, 1994 indicates that the natural persons or entities would not require a license, if they are dedicated exclusively to:

• Farm activities, such as agriculture, cattle ranch, beekeeping, poultry keeping, aquiculture or forestry.
• The manufacture and sale of homemade crafts and other national or homemade industries, as long as the wage-earning work are used from a third party, up to five (5) workers.
• The practice of non profit activities or other that by dispositions of law does not require a license.
• The commercial or industrial activity with an invested capital up to ten thousand dollars (USD$10, 000. 00).

The natural persons or entities who are within the last category will receive a Commercial Registry that will do the times of a Commercial or Industrial License.

What is a Registry or Commercial and Industrial License?
It is the right that grants the Executive Branch of the Central Government through the Ministry of Commerce and Industries to the natural persons or entities in order to operate commercial and/or industrial activities.

Difference between Registry and License: It depends on the quantity of the investment in the business.

• Natural Person.
• Entity.
• Investments up to USD$10.000.00
• Unique Right payment of USD$10.00

• Investments pass to USD$10, 001.00 in ahead.
• Natural Persons. Unique Right of USD$25.00
• Entity. Unique Right of USD$50.00