Industrial License

All natural persons or entities who:

  • Is dedicated to extractive or manufacturing activities, as well as to the wholesale business sold to the State, products extracted or manufactured by them.
  • The construction companies that use the wage earning work of third parties and manual homemade industries or of crafts that use more than five (5) workers.
  • Process for Licenses and Registries.

All natural persons or entities that are going to operate a commercial or industrial activity must request to the General Direction of Domestic Trade offices or a Province Direction office, the granting of the License or corresponding Registry.
The request would not have a cost and will be done through: 

  • A Form that will be provided by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries or in simple piece of paper.
  • Power of Attorney that must be presented personally by the interest party or to be properly authenticated by a Notary.

The Licenses will be granted without prejudice of the fulfillment, on the part of their holder, of legal, municipal and prescribed dispositions current in tributary matter, of public health, public security, morality and others analogues nature.
Excluding, to grant licenses and commercial registries that, by the activity, which they protect, requires the previous authorization of the corresponding authority.
For Example: The Licenses for a Loan provider Company requires the previous authorization of the General Direction of Loan Companies at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.
The request to obtain a License or Registry will have to contain the following information:

  • Name or Partnership name (name of the entity) (given name of the business) of the applicant and its personal identification document or data of inscription in the Public Registry, according to the case, natural person or entity.
  • Mentioned the activity to which the petitioner in question will be dedicated. 
  • Mentioned the physical address of the establishment.
  • The invested capital.
  • The commercial name (given name of the business) of the business.
  • The legal domicile of the applicant, telephone and post-office box.
  • Initial date of commercial or industrial activities.