The 15th Article of the Law 25 of 1994 states that all change that affects the data contained in the license or commercial registry will have to be notified within the term of thirty (30) calendar days to the General Direction of Domestic Commerce office’s or to the Province Direction office.


  1. Change of Corporate name.
  2. Change of Business name.
  3. Change of Address (of the business, corporation, legal representative and owner).
  4. Increase of Activity.
  5. Decrease of Activity
  6. Change of Activity.
  7. Change of the Board of directors (Directors, Dignitaries and Legal Representative).
  8. Increase of Capitalization.

The owner must request all changes or modifications of License or Commercial Registry of Natural Persons.
In the case of an entity, a power of attorney at law will be granted in favor of the attorney at law, in a simple paper.
If the changes consists in the Board of Directors, with Licenses or Registries Type “A” and Industrial must be annexed with a photocopy of the personal identification document of the Legal Representative and the Certificate of the Public Registry. For the cases of Licenses or Registries Type “B”, annex a photocopy of personal identification document authenticated by the Civil Registry of the Directors, Dignitaries must be annexed, Legal Representative and General Power of Attorney.
When it is known about activities that require special requirements, they will require the authorization or certification to be sent to the corresponding Institutions.