Panamanian Corporation Law

  • Law 32 of 26 of February of 1927 regulates the entire related one with the Panamanian Corporations.
  • According to the law, all the corporations must have a Social Pact and a Public Scripture enrolled in the Mercantile Section of the Registry Public.
  • Confidentiality - any requirement of the Registry does not exist in Public who forces to present the owners or beneficiaries.
  • does not exist any type of restrictions on the shareholders; these could be citizen or foreign legal people.
  • All the actions of the society can be emitted to carrier or nominative cases.
  • Does not exist requirements minimum, nor maximum of capital.
  • Are dependencies of the Panamanian no government that demand information about the activities of a Panamanian joint-stock company, that it conducts operations outside the territory of the Republic of Panama
  • Exoneration of taxes - Our country does not demand the presentation of Declaration of Rents for Panamanian societies with operations in the outside.