Basic requirements:

  • Two photos membership card size.
    • Ladies must use blouses with sleeve and without décolleté.
    • Gentlemen coat with necktie.
  • Authenticated copy of the personal identity card of the applicant.  Power of attorney at law and request by means of a lawyer directed to the President of the Republic. The power and request must contain the following information:


  1. Name and complete address, all the requirements must appear under the legal name according to the personal identity card (full and maiden name), as well as the name of the parents of the applicant and number of passport.
  2. Nationality of origin.
  3. Express irrevocable resignation to the nationality of origin, and must pronounce free and spontaneous desire to take refuge in the Panamanian nationality.


  1. Fundaments, Article 10 of the Constitution that serves as base its request, Law #7 of 14th of March of 1980 and Decree #59 of the 4th of August of 1988 is specified.
  2. Copy of the personal identity card of the petitioner.
  3. Name and complete address of the lawyer (phone numbers).
  4. Five (5) extrajudicial declarations given before a Civil Judge of the Circuit of the place of residence. The witnesses will have to express the reasons for which they know and the facts that consists their criteria:
  5. If they know the person or family relations or affinity to them.
  6. If the continuous and uninterrupted residence by three or five years consists to them according to the case and because it consists to them.
  7. If it consists to them that the person has observed good behavior.

The judge will certify the honorability of the witnesses. For the effects of the extrajudicial declaration the established in the article 896 of the Judicial Code or 909 of the Unique Text must be observed.

  1. Attach the request of the declarations (USD$4.00 Tax stamp for each sheet).
  2. Contribute with the copies of the certificates of the witnesses in each one of the declarations.

Certification of Migratory Status: When soliciting this Certification it will put the name of the applicant and as it appears in the power and the request of Naturalization.
Medical examinations:

  1. Proof of the examination of syphilis VDRL.
  2. Examination of the thorax.
  3. Certificate issue by a physician that proves that the person does not suffer any infected-contagious disease.

Economic solvency:

  1. Letter of work, accompanied by the card of the Social Security Institution or pay stop of payment check, if it is government official.
  2. Declaration of Rent with its respective receipt of payment.
  3. Bank reference letter.

The nationality of the applicant will have to be credited with one of following documents:

  1. Birth certificate or
  2. Original Passport with which entered to the national territory, or
  3. Photocopy of the effective Passport properly authenticated before Public Notary (in the same one all the pages of the document must be included).
  4. Twenty dollars (USD$20.00) for handwriting.
  5. Ten dollars (USD$10.00) for authentication of the approved resolution.
  6. Three hundred dollars (USD$300.00) in a certified check to the National Treasury, after it has been approved the Naturalization paper by the Executive Brand of the Government.

Note: In case that the Naturalization paper is asked with the content in numerals two or three of Article 10 of the Constitution, they will have to be enclosed in addition to the requirements before mentioned, the following documents:

Numeral 2

  1. Marriage certificate.
  2. Birth Certificate of spouse or Panamanian children.

Numeral 3

  1. Photocopy of the Law of Reciprocity properly authenticated before the Panamanian consulate of the country of the person interested.
  2. Certification of existence and use of the Law of Reciprocity sent by the consulate of the country of origin of the person interested, credited in the Republic of Panama.

Note: All the contributed documentation must go under a same name.
To present its folder labeled with the name and nationality of the applicant.

General Management of registration
Authentication of Certificate: It is to as much give faith of the veracity of the name and the data that contains the certificate with respect to the person interested.

  • Cost: USD$5.00
  • Annex USD$2.00 in tax stamp
  • Present Personal Identity card

The payment is made by window and is withdrawn in the Provincial Management of registration. If the certificate is digitalized, the process lasts 2 hours, if it’s Polaroid, lasts 3 business days.