Definitive permanence in Quality of Agriculturist

Approximated time of process: 2 to 4 months.

Candidates: Those interested that obtained Immigrant Visa and the Permission of Residence by two prorogations of two years can ask for the definitive permanence as agriculturists soon and finally, in the fourth appearance if they fulfill the law requirements, the Definitive Residence with Right to Panamanian Certificate is granted to them.


  • Provisional Id.
  • Medical certificate of Good Health sent within the three (3) months previous to the date of presentation. (It must have date, company’s signature and stamp with the name, code and record number of the doctor).
  • Power of attorney at law and Request.
    • Power:
      • Complete Information of the person or people interested:
        • Name,
        • Nationality,
        • Exact address,
        • Name and Nationality of its parents,
        • Telephone numbers,
        • Email address.
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
      • The Power will have to personally appear before the civil employee of the National Management of Migration and Naturalization or with the note of Personal Presentation before a Public Notary.
    • Request:
      • Complete and general information of the applicants and its dependants.
      • Complete and general information of the lawyer.
      • Complete and general information of the checks that are contributed:
        • Number of the Check,
        • Name of the Bank,
        • Date,
        • Amount.
      • List and identify the documents that are enclosed.
      • Expose the foundations in fact and of right.
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
  • Passport of the country of origin with a minimum validity of six (6) months of each one of the applicants.
  • Photocopy of the passport of each applicant.
  • Two (2) photos membership card size of each one of the applicants.
  • Resolution sent by the Ministry of Agriculture Development, in which the competition of the person interested is certified to exert agriculture, signed by the Ministry of Agriculture Development.
  • Certification of Mayor of the district, that credits that the person interested is dedicated to the agriculture.
  • Certification of the Public Registry in which the property is dedicated to the agricultural work.
  • Safe pass for National in favor of the person interested.
  • Provisional Id. expired or near to be expired.