Definitive permanence in Quality of Investor of


Approximated time of process: 2 to 4 months.

  • Provisional Id.
  • Medical certificate of Good Health sent within the three (3) months previous to the date of presentation. (It must have date, company’s signature and stamp with the name, code and record number of the doctor).
  • Power of attorney at law and Request.
    • Power:
      • Complete Information of the person or people interested:
        • Name,
        • Nationality,
        • Exact address,
        • Name and Nationality of the parents,
        • Telephone numbers,
        • Email address.
      • General Information of the Lawyer
        • Office’s Address,
        • Fax and Telephone numbers,
        • Email address.
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
      • The Power will have to appear personally before the civil employee of the National Management of Migration and Naturalization or with Note of Personal Presentation before a Public Notary.
    • Request:
      • Complete and general information of the applicants and its dependants.
      • Complete and general information of the lawyer.
      • Complete and general information of the checks that are contributed:
        • Number of the Check,
        • Name of the Bank,
        • Date,
        • Amount.
      • List and identify the documents that are enclosed.
      • Expose the foundations in fact and of right.
      • Explain the type of commercial activity that it will develop.
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
  • Passport of the country of origin with a minimum validity of six months of each applicant.
  • Photocopy of the passport of each applicant.
  • Two (2) photos membership card size of each applicant.
  • Original Certificate of Legal Function and position of agent issued by the Public Registry  subscribed by the person interested and emitted before a Notary, who credits:
    • The Business/commercial name of the company,
    • The condition of the applicant of Director and Dignitary in
    • The Empowered or Legal Representative.,
    • The Share capital of the company (minimum USD$40,000.00)
    • The distribution of the Share capital,
    • Type of actions.
  • An original or copy of the Declaration of Rents of the company authenticated by the Ministry of Economics and Finance, with its respective receipts of payment. In the section of patrimony, line of actions, the payment of the totality is due to the register of actions of the foreign applicant of the visa that must be greater of FORTY THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD$40,000.00).  If the company is of recent constitution, it should contribute with copy of the certainty of payment of the Unique Rate and the Unique Registry.
  • Copy authenticated by the Institute of Social Security of the list of the company, with a minimum of three (3) Panamanian dependants.
  • Safe pass by the Institute of Social Security in favor of the company with minimum use of (3) three months.
  • Proof of investment (To present minimum (3) three of following documents in quality of Proofs):
    • Contract of Transaction of the building in where the company operates or it has his seat, properly registered
    • Photocopy of the receipt of deposit by the extreme invested a please the company, authenticated by the bank.
    • Document emitted by a banking organization in which it does to consist that the bottoms that the foreign applicant invests, they come from the outside.
    • Commercial Invoice of the expenses incurred across investor in the company, accompanied by a detailed inventory made by the CPA.
    • Liquidations of Customs of goods concerned to name of company or of the investor.
    • Any other document that can prove the invested capital in the company.
  • Proof (minimum (3) three) of the existence and location of company
    • Contract of Renting of the commercial Premises in where it operates the seat of the company or office, properly registered before Ministry of Housing (in case that the premises are not owned).
    • Contract on watch of Electrical Energy.
    • Contract on watch of Telephones.
    • Contract on watch of Water Provision.
    • Contract on watch of Security.
    • Contract on watch of Internet.
    • Contract on watch of Garbage collection.
    • Receipt of the Payment of the Tax of transference of Good and Services of the Ministry of Economics and Finance.
    • Any other document that proves the real existence of the company. 
  • Photocopy of the passport.
  • Safe pass for National of the foreign applicant and of company.
  • Previous Membership card overcome or to win.

Note: It is important to consider that stops east type of request the fundamental thing is to demonstrate to the existence and use of the company to the date, that the same one maintains personnel Panamanian contracted in time complete perceiving a non inferior wage to the minimum established by the labor laws and that are up-to-date in the payment of its rights of social security.  The National Management of Migration has the power of to inspect the company with the intention of verifying its location, existence and operation according to the parameters established.