Definitive permanence as a Forest Investor of Macro-Company Key: P.D.FOR. 1


Legal foundation: Articles 23 and 26 of the Decree Law 16 of 30th of June of 1960. Resolution of the National Management of Migration Nº 039 of 27 of April of 2006 G.O 2555.


  • Transaction Membership card.
  • Medical certificate of Good Health sent within the three (3) months previous to the date of presentation. (It must have date, company’s signature and stamp with the name, code and record number of the doctor).
  • Power of attorney at law and Request.
    • Power:
      • Complete Information of the person or people interested:
        • Name,
        • Nationality,
        • Exact address,
        • Name and Nationality of the parents,
        • Telephone numbers,
        • Email address.
      • General Information of the Lawyer
        • Office’s Address,
        • Fax and Telephone numbers,
        • Email address.
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
      • The Power will have to appear personally before the civil employee of the National Management of Migration and Naturalization or with the Note of Personal Presentation before Public Notary.
    • Request:
      • Complete and general information of the applicants and its dependants.
      • Complete and general information of the lawyer.
      • Complete and general information of the checks that are contributed:
        • Number of the Check,
        • Name of the Bank,
        • Date,
        • Amount.
      • List and identify the documents that are enclosed.
      • Expose the foundations in fact and of right.
      • Explain the type of commercial activity that company will develop
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
  • Passport of the country of origin with minimum validity of six months of each one of the applicants.
  • Photocopy of the passport of each applicant.
  • Two (2) photos membership card size of each applicant.
  • Personal identification document original Legal Function and position of agent issued by Public registry subscribed by the person interested and emitted before a Notary, who credits:
    • The Business/Commercial name of the company,
    • The names of the Directors and Dignitaries of the company (including a the applicant),
    • The social domicile
    • The Empowered or Legal Representative,
    • The Share capital of the company,
    • The distribution of the Share capital (the shares must be nominative cases).
  • The Secretary or Treasurer Certification of the company, where the title of ownership of the emitted action is credited and that the same is released and paid properly. The certification must be signed before a Notary and it does not have to be subscribed by the interested person.
  • Sworn declarationon of Personal Antecedents.
  • Original or Copy of the Declaration of Rents of the company authenticated by the Ministry of Economics and Finance, with its respective receipts of payment. If the company is of recent constitution, it should contribute with copy of the certainty of payment of the Unique Rate and the Unique Registry.
  • Authenticated Photocopy of the Resolution sent by the National Authority of the Environment, by means of which it is solved to register to the joint-stock company or the foreigner in the Forest Registry.
  • Proof of investment made directly to the activities of reforestation for a minimum amount of EIGHTY THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD$80,000.00).
    • Personal identification document the Public Registry, in which it consists inscription of the building that will be issued to the reforestation, a name of the person interested,
    • Authenticated check Photocopy that was turned to invest in
      reforestation with the seal of paid by the Bank and corresponding invoice,
    • Liquidations of customs of concerned machinery to be used
      in the reforestation,
    • Any other document that proves of Payments of money in the reforestation
  • Safe pass for National

Note: A month before the expiring of the permission of residence of a year granted with the immigrant visa, the person interested will be able to solicit the Definitive Permanence, proving to the National Management of Migration that the investment stays.