Permission of Indefinite Residence as Pensioned Tourist


Legal fundaments: Law Not9 of 24 of June of 1987 and the Decree Executive Not62 of 4 of August of 1987.


Can decide on this permission of indefinite residence, that is pensioner of a government or foreign private company with one adds monthly minimum of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS (USD$500.00). If it brings dependants it demands an additional sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS (USD$100.00) monthly by each employee. The law him it grants in addition to the indefinite residence, tariff tax exemption in order to concern articles of domestic use or personal, by a single one time, until the sum of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS (USD$10, 000,00) and each two years an automobile for personal or familiar use.


  • Provisional Id.
  • Medical certificate of Good Health sent within the three (3) months previous to the date of presentation. (It must have date, company’s signature and stamp with the name, code and record number of doctor).
  • Power of attorney at law and Request.
    • Power:
      • Complete Information of the person or people interested:
        • Name,
        • Nationality,
        • Exact address,
        • Name and Nationality of the parents,
        • Telephone numbers,
        • Email address.
      • General Information of the Lawyer
        • Office’s Address,
        • Fax and Telephone numbers,
        • Email address.
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
      • The Power will have to appear personally before the civil employee (a) of the National Management of Migration and Naturalization or with Note of Personal Presentation before Public Notary.
    • Request:
      • Complete and general information of the applicants and its dependants.
      • Complete and general information of the lawyer.
      • Complete and general information of the checks that are contributed:
        • Number of the Check,
        • Name of the Bank,
        • Date,
        • Amount.
      • List and identify the documents that are enclosed.
      • Expose the foundations in fact and of right. 
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
  • Background Record of the country of origin or the country where it has resided interested last the two years. If the person interested it has two or more years of continuous residence in Panama he is free to present this document.
  • Passport of the country of origin with a minimum validity of six months of each applicant.
  • Photocopy of the passport of each applicant.
  • Four (4) photos membership card size of each applicant.
  • Sworn declarationon of Personal Antecedents.
  • Document that credits its condition of retired or pensioner by foreign governments, international organisms or companies prevailed and that the person interested receives a rent monthly or non smaller pension of FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS (USD$500.00) or its equivalent one in foreign currency. If the rent or pension has dependants it must additionally to have the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS (USD$100.00) by each one of the dependants. If one is foreign currency, it must to contribute Note of the National Bank of Panama, where it is certified equivalent in dollars.
  • If one is people retired or pensioned by companies prevailed, it will have to present documents that credit by means of authority that corresponds in the outside, that this company is operating (Equivalent to Public Title deed in Panama) and to accompany the five last receipts by payment of pension. If it receives his pension by means of deposits to his account banking, it must present copy of the statements of account of the bank or certification of the corresponding bank.
  • an additional photocopy game of all documents presented, including the passport.