Request of the Tariff Tax exemptions for the Import of Articles of Automotive Domestic or Personal Use and Vehicles


The tariff exonerations for the article import of domestic or personal use, will occur by a single time. Whereas the exonerations of vehicles automotive, will be able to ask for each two (2) years.


  • Individual
  • Power of attorney at law and Request or runner of customs.
  • Power:
    • Complete Information of the person or people interested:
      • Name,
      • Nationality,
      • Exact address,
      • Name and Nationality of the parents,
      • Telephone numbers,
      • Email address.
    • General Information of the Lawyer
      • Office’s Address,
      • Fax and Telephone numbers,
      • Email address.
      • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
      • The Power will have to appear personally before the civil employee (a) of the National Management of Migration and Naturalization or with Note of Personal Presentation before Public Notary.
  • Request:
    • Complete and general information of the applicants and its dependants.
    • Complete and general information of the lawyer.
    • Complete and general information of the checks that are contributed:
      • Number of the Check,
      • Name of the Bank,
      • Date,
      • Amount.
    • List and identify the documents that are enclosed.
    • Expose the foundations in fact and of right. 
    • Tax stamp of value of USD$4.00 by page.
  • Ready detailed of articles of domestic or personal use that the applicant wishes to introduce to the country, with indication of his present value.
  • Commercial invoice with 2 additional copies.
  • Shipping document with 2 additional copies.
  • Safe pass for National.
  • Liquidation or Certification of Customs with 2 copies additional.
  • Estimate of Customs with 2 additional copies.
  • Photocopy of the Membership card of Pensioned Tourist. If one is Panamanian pensioned by a foreign government must contribute
    photocopy of the Panamanian certificate authenticated by the Registry Civilian.
  • Updated Document, where its condition of retired consists or pensioner abroad with 2 additional copies.
  • If the applicant Panamanian is retired in the outside, must to present document in which it consists that it has resided in foreigner with 2 authenticated copies additional.