General requirements

All foreigners who appear to present personal documentation to the National Office of Migration must be previously registered in the Section of Migration for which must present the following requirements:

  • Two (2) photos card size.
  • Copy of the page of general information of the Passport and of which contains the last seal from entrance to our country.
  • Payment for Registry in the Section of Migration.
  • Answer the Form of Registry of the Sworn Declaration.

In case the request includes dependants, the Visa requirements will have to be enclosed to Immigrant in Quality of Employee of resident.
All the documents that are sent abroad will have to appear properly added or authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate of Panama in the country that were sent to and by the Ministry of Exterior Relations of Panama. If such documents are in another language different from Spanish, they must be translated by an Authorized Public Translator recognized by the Ministry of Government and Justice.

All resident foreigner, temporary visitor or with documentation in process that wishes to leave and to enter the country again, must process a Multiple Visa Access before leaving the country in the National Office of Migration and Naturalization. The omission of this process causes a fine of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS (USD$100.00).

A month before expiring the Permission of Residence of that year, which is granted with the Immigrant Visa; the person interested will be able to ask for the definitive permanence with right to Panamanian personal identification document.

All those nationalities that require a Consulted Visa, must present with the request of any process, a Visa Certification valid to transact Residence sent by the Visa Department Consulted of the National Office of Migration and Naturalization.

The person interested will have to complete and to sign the forms of a Sworn Declaration that provides the National Office of Migration. Giving fictitious information has consequences such as penal legal responsibilities and the refusal for a Visa or the cancellation of the same one if it had already been granted. The minor ones do not fill this form but the father or tutor must provide the information although it has not made a promise under oath.

The following documentation must appear complete and in the order that is expressed. The small documents as a Certificate of Health, Birth, Receipts, etc. must be attached to such form that are visible both faces if necessary in a legal size sheet so that they can be received.
In case the request includes dependants, (minor or older parents, spouse or children of 18 years and minors of 25 years who are unmarried students, without children) it will have to enclose following documents:

  1. Power of Attorney: Each dependant over age will have to grant to Power to an attorney at law and the parents will have to grant it in representation of their minor children.
  2. Certified Check by the amount of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS (USD$100.00) in favor of the National Treasury by each dependant.
  3. Medical Personal identification document of Good Health, issued within the three (3) months previous to the date of presentation (it must have the company’s signature and seal with the name, code and record number of the physician).
  4. Background Record of the country of origin or the country where it has resided the last the two years. If the person interested has two or more years of continuous residence in Panama, is free to present this document.
  5. Photocopy of the passport.
  6. Two (2) photos membership card size of each dependant.
  7. Original Passport, with a minimum validity of six months.
  8. Certainty of Kinship:
    ▫ Marriage certificate.
    ▫ Birth certificate
  9. Letter of responsibility of the main person interested towards each one of its dependants.

When the applicant is son of the resident and has become the majority of age, will have to certify the following:

    • In the case that the person has less than twenty-five (25) years of age
    • Present certification of studies that credits the condition of university student of the person interested.
    • Certificate of Bachelorhood (single) of its country of origin.