Patents and Invention


PATENTS: It is the exclusive right of operation that grants the State during a determined period of time, to all those new creations that have an industrial application, such as a product, that improves, an industrial machine or instrument in the case of the inventions and registry in the case of the utility models and models or drawings.

INVENTION: All applicable idea actually for the solution of a determined technical problem. It can be a product and/or a procedure, or the special use of a product or the non evident use of the product.
How to transact?

Industrial and Intellectual Property

How to transact?


In order to obtain a Patent it must appear, through a attorney at law or company’s signature of suitable lawyers in Panama, with the following documentation:

  • Request of Patents to the General Direction office of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Commerce and Industries, which it includes:
    • Name and address of the Applicant,
    • Name of the inventor (s),
    • Address and Name of the Agent chief executive and
      Name of the Invention.
  • The Request must come in companion of:
    • A Descriptive Memory,
    • One or more Vindications,
    • The corresponding Drawings with four (4) copies reduced of such,
    • Summary; its extension will not exceed two hundred (200) words approximately,
    • Payment proof of rates and presentation rights.
  • If the applicant is not. The inventor, the request will have to be accompanied by the respective Agreement of Cession, or any other document that properly justifies the right of the applicant to obtain the patent.
  • In the case of unofficial agent, consignment of the Personal identification document Guarantee by the sum of USD$100.00.