Corporations and Private Foundations

Creación y Administración de sociedades Anónimas, Fundaciones de Interés Privado.

Corporations and Private Foundations

Our country has been recognized for many years for providing legal security to entrepreneurs who decide to invest in Panama.

Law 32, that regulates corporations, has been in force since 1927, which denotes its high effectiveness, reaffirming all the benefits of choosing Panama to develop your business, through its corporation.

Panama has the simplicity of allowing you various types of business from its legally constituted corporation.

Arrocha & Co, offers its clients continuous advice for the creation and administration of a public limited company.

Private Interest Foundations:

This figure, mostly used for family wealth planning, is undoubtedly a protection mechanism for your wealth.

The assets of a Private Foundation acquire a separate legal identity from the personal assets of the founder, protector, council or beneficiaries.

A foundation in Panama offers you the possibility of internationally protecting your patrimony, through the ownership of the shares of any company.

Our staff with vast experience can advise with any matter regarding this subject, depending on the nature of your need.

Portafolio de Sociedades Anónimas y Fundaciones